We have built a leading translational platform to rapidly develop our endobody vaccine pipeline.

The emerging science reveals that similar to heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases start years before symptoms occur and involve a combination of factors. Our pipeline allows us to target common and orphan neurodegenerative diseases early in the disease progression and to manage multiple proteins in combination so as to ultimately lead to more effective treatment.



Our lead compound UB-311 is an anti-amyloid endobody vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease currently in Phase II trials. UB-311 is fully synthetic and employs the UBITh platform technologies to target aggregated forms of beta-amyloid. UB-311 has successfully completed Phase I, demonstrating safety and tolerability, and is currently in Phase II trials. Preliminary data showed efficacy as measured in improvement or stabilization in all three cognitive tests conducted in the target sub-population.

We are able to leverage our platform technologies to expand our portfolio, which also includes vaccines against aggregated alpha-synuclein and tau proteins.