The UNS™ lead clinical program, UB-311, was originally developed by United Biomedical, Inc. utilizing its innovative synthetic-peptide technology vaccine platform. UBI successfully commercialized the first fully synthetic peptide vaccine in the world based on this technology. UNS will further develop vaccines for other neurodegenerative disease indications based on this platform.

Our new classes of site-directed biologicals have been developed through application of our advanced platform technologies.

The UBI platform technologies in functional antigenics proceed through a series of steps to: 1) identify functional antigenic sites on ligand and receptor proteins through molecular modeling and our own immunological process of site-directed serology, 2) mimic those sites as synthetic peptide immunogens through outstanding molecular design, and 3) significantly amplify therapeutic immune responses to our synthetic peptide immunogens with the key UBITh® technology for immune enhancement.  The UBITh® technology significantly amplifies the therapeutic immune responses to our vaccines and immunotherapeutics.  UBITh®-enhanced peptide immunogens are then formulated into adjuvanted vaccine preparations with our proprietary vaccine delivery systems.  We formulate our immunotherapeutics and vaccines for rapid responsiveness followed by long-term duration of immune response.  Where it is advantageous, such as for the immunotherapy of AIDS, UBITh® immunogens together with antibody engineering are employed for the production of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.  In most cases the direct immunization with the UBITh® immunogens is preferred.

The cornerstone of vaccine design is UBITh Immunogens. Unlike traditional vaccines that use KLH or toxoid carrier, where the vast majority of response is directed at the toxoid, UBITh immunogens are virtually immunosilent. Thus, the vast majority of response is directed at the target B-cell epitope. The result is a highly targeted, specific, and immunogenic vaccine approach.